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Sunday Candle

Sunday Candle

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Introducing "Sunday" - a luxurious candle designed to replicate the cozy, leisurely feel of Sunday mornings.

Infused with the rich and indulgent notes of Salted Caramel and the warm, comforting essence of Golden Sandalwood, this fragrance blend envelops you in a sense of pure relaxation. The delicate floral touch of Jasmine adds a hint of elegance, while Warm Vanilla rounds out the scent with its sweet, soothing aroma.

As the candle burns, its inviting fragrance fills the air, creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for slow mornings, lounging with a good book, or enjoying a lazy breakfast in bed. "Sunday" transforms your space into a sanctuary of comfort and serenity, making every moment feel like a perfect Sunday morning.

Experience the warmth and relaxation of "Sunday" and let its captivating scent transport you to a place of leisurely comfort and simple pleasures, where every moment is meant to be savored.

8 oz. candle in clear jar with a bamboo lid

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